28 September 2011

Saint Catharine (Catherine)

This plaque was visible Friday 23 September 2011 to the public, it was attached to a wall remnant adjacent to the bell tower.
This plaque was taken out of the rubble, Sunday, it had been on the nave wall opposite the other one.

A group of accidental and spontaneously meeting concerned Catholics, some parishioners and graduates from Saint Catherine's in Cleveland, and some from other parishes rediscovered and saved these commemorative plaques, which were a roster of "Our Boys and Girls" who "Serve their Country" during the Second World War. These two plaques were left to be destroyed in the process of demolition and removal of Saint Catharine's church building, on East 93rd Street, one block north of Union Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. The diocese cared absolutely nothing for them until Monday, 26 September 2011. At that point, the issue became a public embarrassment, and that could not be permitted.

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