30 January 2011

Broadway Methodist

It was not just churches closed by Richard Lennon in the area. Churches exercising different polity did not react as corporate America does to send in a shark to slash for cash. Some congregations voted to close because of actual conditions. No false rationale had to be invented. No finding plausible reasons to employ.

The North Coast District United Methodists had three close after Christmas 2010. One in Euclid, Master's Church; one in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Memorial, the oldest in the county; and this one on Broadway, which used to have some services in czech. There had been anti-Habsburg, anti clerical czech immigrants in Cleveland. Some converted. The Methodist North Coast District still has some functions at the address, and maintains their office there.
Some twenty five feet across, a copy of Da Vinci's Last Supper is on the wall above the altar of this church. Mrs. Oliver Stafford saw it displayed in the Louvre. She, and her husband, were major benefactors and very active members of their church. She bought it. 18 December 1924 it was first seen by the public in Cleveland.

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